Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don’t Use a 2.0 Technology in a 1.0 Way

Don’t Use a 2.0 Technology in a 1.0 Way:

Filtering what is important from the trash is the biggest problem. The trash can be important at some later date...sometimes we do not realize it. A medical diagnosis takes a few seconds to a minute in many cases...the rest is just «trash» to the physician. The whole idea behind listening/reading the trash is to stay in tune/ to comfort the person and to get to know a bit more about the person behind the words. 
To the patient the trash is the medical terms his doctor uses.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Netop Vision & Vision Pro

Features Overview | Netop Vision & Vision Pro:

I used this in my classroom in early releases
It was excellent

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Udacity - 21st Century University

Udacity - 21st Century University:

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Training Tip Disable java update service on Windows 7

Disable java update service on Windows Windows 7 | " javacpl.exe"

I set mine to ask me to update once a month

As a teacher/trainer... updates can be a distraction to the audience looking at your screen.

I found a simpler way
Right click on the Java Icon (in the system tray)
Select Properties
Update Tab

At Run type msconfig
select startup
uncheck java

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Evidence Based Quebec 2 Day Seminar Sept 27-28

The Team - Evidence Based Quebec: (Click)

Reminder: Lead Data Team Two Day Seminar

Calendar of Events (Click)

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Ron Turchyniak - Canada | LinkedIn

Ron Turchyniak - Canada | LinkedIn:

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UPLOAD 2012 Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Upload Details for the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board: (Click)

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Edmodo Integrates Google Docs :  Create, Share & Collaborate in the Cloud

Upload Presenter no 23 Ron Turchyniak (Click)

Multimedia/Smartboard and 25 Participants (2 sessions)
Workshop (Laptop with Google chrome)
A Gmail account
An Edmodo account

Demonstration of Google Docs integration with Edmodo

Demonstration of the power of a Google document.
The problem with sending emails that have attachments
Forms and live spreadsheets
Plan and people will do the work for you!
Document‐  creation and uploading
Sharing a document
Set visibility
Invitations to view or edit
See who has access
Change the document owner
Collaborate on a document
Collaborate with simultaneous edits
Collaborate using comments
Notification of changes
Email a copy of your document
-as a live link
-as an attachment

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